Woodcock Walk at Dunback Meadow

Dunback Meadow 23 Allen Street, Lexington, MA, United States

DATE: March 18, 2023 TIME: 6-8pm Join us on a search for the elusive American woodcock, whose unusual mating behavior provides a rare opportunity to observe this species.  In early spring, woodcocks can be found in wet meadows performing their courtship ritual.  We will listen for the male’s distinctive “peent” call while on the ground and then […]

Butterfly Walk, Arlington’s Great Meadows

Arlington's Great Meadows Lexington Meadow, Lexington, MA, United States

This 183-acre wet meadow is the largest piece of undeveloped land in the Arlington/Lexington area. The meadow is home to host plants for many overwintering insect larvae/pupae. Target species: Henry’s and Brown Elfins. Attendees may continue on to Horn Pond Mountain in Woburn for more Brown Elfins and other butterflies. Co-sponsored by the Mass Butterfly […]