Volunteer Opportunities

Publicity Coordinator

Each spring and fall CLC sponsors a series of walks in conservation and open space. We are looking for someone to publicize our walks and expand our ability to publicize these and other CLC activities in general.

Walks Coordinator

We are looking for someone to assume responsibility for organizing our spring and fall walks schedule from the present coordinator. This task would include outreach and recruitment to former and potential walk leaders, and arrangement of a compatible schedule.

Conservation Restriction Monitors

CLC is in the process of registering conservation restrictions (CRs) on six Town-owned properties that were acquired in whole or in part with Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. We are seeking individuals who are interested in helping to complete the remaining CR applications and/or participating in the annual monitoring of the properties. 

Database Management

CLC is looking for a volunteer with technical aptitude who enjoys organizing and paying attention to details. This person would manage the CLC database using the Mailchimp database program. Duties would involve keeping track of names, addresses, dues status and email addresses of members, Town Meeting Members, Town Committee members, and candidates. In addition, he or she would send emails about significant issues and events, send out both the email and snail mail versions of our newsletter, and send out the questions we ask town candidates before elections.

Newsletter Editor

CLC publishes three newsletters per year.  CLC is seeking someone to become the new editor and make it their own. The editor is responsible for organizing articles that are submitted into the newsletter format. There is no requirement for the editor to author articles.  We will provide guidance and support to the person who assumes the position.  

Recording Secretary

This position involves taking minutes at Board meetings and filing any forms required to maintain our status as a nonprofit organization. 


If you would like to know more about any of these positions, please contact CLC.