Activities 2018

Fall Walks

Bugs & More at Willard’s Woods

Saturday, Sep 8, 10:30 am - 12 noon

 On this walk we’ll look for invertebrates of all kinds, particularly dragonflies, spiders, and butterflies.  We’ll look under logs, whack tree branches to see what falls out, and sweep-net the grass.  Children with adults are welcome.  Meet at the parking lot off of North St.  Rain or lightning will cancel the walk.

Leader: Ned Eisner 781-454-8023, [email protected]

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Birding at Dunback Meadow

Saturday, September 29, 8-10 am

Dunback Meadows during the end of September can offer surprises as the end of the return migration of vireos and warblers approaches; and the sparrow migration is increasing in numbers.  Meet at the Allen St. entrance.  


Leader: Bobbie Hodson ~  781-861-9421, [email protected]

Fall Senior Sneaker Walk on DCR’s Beaver Brook North

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2-4 pm

Join Kate Fricker and Marie Roberts for a casual 2 hour walk around the trail system on the portion of DCR’s Beaver Brook North property that lies behind Brookhaven at Lexington located at 1010 Waltham Street. Kate and Marie will point out natural features as well as historical sites located on the property. The trails are well-graded making for easy walking. Don’t forget your water bottle. Meet at the entrance to the Brookhaven Nature Path adjacent to the employee parking lot where parking of guests is allowed. Or take the #3 Lexpress bus which stops at Brookhaven at 1:40 pm. 

Leader: Kate Fricker ~ [email protected]

Lower Vine Brook Exploration

Sunday, October 7 2-4 pm

If you have found the trail system in the Lower Vine Brook Conservation property confusing in the past and have not discovered the new colored arrow trail markers, this is your chance to reacquaint yourself with this property. Meet your guide at the trail entrance on the Fairfield Drive cul-de-sac between 9 and 15 Fairfield Drive.

Leader:Keith Ohmart ~ [email protected]

New ACROSS Lexington Route J Introductory Walk

Saturday, October 14, 2-4pm

Be the first to walk ACROSS Lexington’s newest route. Route J links the Minuteman Bikeway with one of Lexington’s lesser-known Conservation properties, Liberty Heights. The route is steep in parts but the footing underneath is either on paved surfaces or level, smooth walking trails. Meet at the Waldorf School parking lot.

Leader: Eileen Entin ~ [email protected]


Whipple Hill to Wright-Locke Farm

Sunday, October 21, 2-4:30pm

Perhaps you were unaware that Lexington’s Whipple Hill Conservation property directly abuts Winchester’s Wright-Locke Farm property. This walk will explore the trails connecting these two open space properties with the added bonus of enjoying some late fall foliage color. Meet at the entrance to the Whipple Hill property at the crest of Lexington’s Winchester Drive opposite Berkshire Street, which is on the left. Park on Berkshire Street due to limited parking at the trail entrance and walk across Winchester Drive to the entrance.

Leader: Bob Hausslein ~ [email protected], 781-862-9102

Early Ducks and Late Season Summer Migrants

Saturday, Nov 17, 9-11 am

The Arlington Res and adjacent farm fields may be the best place in Lexington for bird variety. This walk will be looking for early arriving ducks and lingering fall migrants. Meet at the Arlington Res parking lot off of Lowell Street.

Leader: John Andrews ~ [email protected], 781-382-5658

Spring Walks

Birding Wright Farm

Saturday April 28: 7-9 am

Wright Farm is Lexington’s newest Conservation property that has not been previously birded by the public.  Let’s see what gems are hidden away on this bucolic former farm. The address is 241 Grove St,, where parking is limited, so carpooling is encouraged.  Parking is permitted on Carriage Drive opposite the farm.

Leaders: Keith Ohmart ~ [email protected], 781-862-6216, Bobbie Hodson ~ [email protected], 781-861-8421

Willards Woods/Chiesa Farm Walk

May 6, 2-4 pm

This walk will explore how easy it is to connect these two popular conservation properties in an extended walk via quiet neighborhood streets and sidewalks. ACROSS Lexington’s Route A already provides a through connection linking these two properties, but the purpose of this walk will be to learn how combine walking these two properties in a shorter loop. Meet at the Willards Woods parking lot on North Street opposite 38 North Street.

Leader: Bob Hausslein ~ 781-862-9102, [email protected]

Birding the Western Greenway

Wednesday May 9, 6-8:30 am

Co-sponsored with the Menotomy Bird Club

The Western Greenway consists of over 1200 acres of interconnected open space in Waltham, Lexington, and Belmont. There has been little documentation of migratory or breeding birds in many parts of the Greenway. We will return to a section in Lexington visited last year that most likely few Menotomy Birders know or bird, where we will be looking in particular for a repeat of last year’s Blue-winged Warbler sighting.  Meet at Cart Path Lane, off Walnut Street in Lexington.   

Leaders: Roger Wrubel ~ [email protected] and Keith Ohmart ~ [email protected]

Warbler Walk in Lower Vine Brook

Sunday May 13, 8-10 am

Warblers are small, beautiful tropical birds that fly north to breed. Over 15 different species of warbler stop off in this sheltered area during their spring migration to the forests in northern New England and Canada. Depending on the weather and the foliage, you may see a dozen species in a morning. Children with adults are welcome. Wear boots if it’s wet, and bring binoculars and a bird book. No dogs. More than light rain or lightning will cancel the event.  If the weather is uncertain call the leader. Meet at the entrance to the Lower Vine Brook conservation area opposite 121 Vine Street.  

Leader: Harry West ~ 671-461-9500, [email protected]

Mother's Day Family-Friendly Community Walk

Sunday May 13, 2-4 pm

After partaking in the traditional Mom’s Day brunch, come join this stroller-friendly family fun walk which includes boardwalks, forested paths, and sidewalks intermingled with schools, conservation land, and a favorite swimming hole. Meet at the Town Pool Parking Lot, 80 Worthen Road across from Hastings Park and next to the Town tennis courts and track facilities.

Leader: Judy Crocker ~ [email protected]

Senior Sneaker Walk, Arlington’s Great Meadows

Tuesday May 15, 10-12 am

Join us for this leisurely 2 mile walk around Arlington’s Great Meadows. The route will traverse a portion of the Minuteman Bikeway, town streets, and woodland paths. There will be short up hill portions to the trail with rocky footing along the way. Don’t forget your water bottle and walking sticks if you rely on them for balance. Meet at the trail entrance at the end of the rear parking lot behind the Excel Living Center at the end of Emerson Gardens Road.

Leader: Eileen Entin ~  781-862-6418, [email protected]

Whipple Hill Photography Walk

Saturday May 19, 9-11 am

Explore the opportunities for capturing the magic of spring at Whipple Hill in pixels with an experienced local photographer. Sunder Neelakantan will be your guide in how to best capture features of the property in memorable photographs. Steady rain cancels. Meet at the signed entrance to the property at the top of Winchester Drive opposite Berkshire Drive.

Leader: Sunder Neelakantan ~ 781-424-7558, [email protected]

Extended ACROSS Lexington Walk

Saturday May 20, 2-5 pm

In celebration of Bike Walk Bus Week (May 12-20) we are offering the longer distance hiker an extended traverse of ACROSS Lexington routes B & H. This 6+ mile hike passes through two of Lexington’s larger parcels of open space: Dunback Meadow and Hayden Woods, in addition to traversing Cotton Farm, Upper Vine Brook, Lincoln Park, Idylwilde and the Old Res. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water. Meet at the Old Res parking lot on Marrett Road.

Leader: Keith Ohmart ~ 781-862-6216, [email protected]

Family Longest Day Walk

Saturday June 9, 10 am – 12 noon,

On June 9 Lexington Goes Purple to end Alzheimer’s disease. One of the organized activities is a guided walk through Lincoln Park, one of Lexington’s most accessible open spaces. Centrally located across Worthen Road from the LHS playing fields, Lincoln Park includes a graded trail system landscaped with native plant species, as well as a boardwalk loop through wetlands with interpretive signage. The walk will leave from the Lexington Depot following side streets to reach the Park.

Walk Leaders: Kate Fricker ~ 781-862-8868, [email protected], Eileen Entin ~ 781-862-6418, [email protected]

Other Activities

Garlic Mustard

Lincoln Park Garlic Mustard Pull

Sunday April 22, 2-4 pm: 

Garlic mustard seeds can take up to 7 years to sprout, which requires repeated efforts to control and eradicate this aggressive invasive species. Come join CLC’s multi-year effort to pull this year’s progeny from along the pathways in Lincoln Park. Bring gardening gloves. Steady rain cancels. Meet at the Fitness Path Trail entrance on Worthen Road across from the LHS playing fields.

Leaders: Elaine Quinlan ~ 978-995-5794, [email protected], and Judy Mello ~ 781-861-7744, [email protected]

LHS Beekeepers Club

Wright Farm Open Field

Saturday, April 28, 12 - 3 pm

Sponsored by the Lexington Conservation Commission and Conservation Stewards

Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day by exploring Lexington’s newest Conservation property. Enjoy crafts, plant information and demonstration sessions, walk the newly marked trail – we will have nature crafts, seed plantings, invasive identification and eradication experts, a tree care demonstration, and a guided walk around the property (self-guided walkers are also welcome).

Location: 241 Grove St. Parking is limited, so please carpool or bike if possible. Parking is allowed on Carriage Drive opposite the farm.

Contact: Alex Dohan ~ 781-863-5882, [email protected]

LHS Beekeepers Club

Wild Edibles Of Lexington’s Waysides

Wednesday, May 23, 6-8 PM

Lexington is home to over 70 species of edible wild plants, both native and non-native, including plants considered to be weedy or invasive. Some are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts. Join Russ Cohen, expert forager and author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten, on a two-hour ramble in and around Lincoln Park to learn about at least eighteen edible species. Russ will present information on identification tips, edible portion(s), season(s) of availability and preparation methods, as well as general guidelines for safe and environmentally-responsible foraging. Steady rain cancels. Meet at the Fitness Trail entrance at the crosswalk on Worthen Road across from the Lexington High playing fields.

Leader: Russ Cohen ~ 781-646-7489, [email protected]