Activities 2022

Spring Walks


City Nature Challenge 2022

Lexington iNaturalist Event

Friday April 29 - Monday May 2

Seeking naturalists town-wide for bioblitz challenge…

This international event has grown in scope since its beginning in 2016, when San Francisco and Los Angeles issued a friendly challenge to one another to find and document the greatest number of species in their cities, and to mobilize the highest number of people to participate. During the period from April 29th to May 2nd, Lexington residents can use their smartphones and the iNaturalist app to find and record wildlife in their neighborhoods, including animals, plants and any other evidence of living things (how about a robin’s nest, or deer scat??)

See the town’s website to sign up:

Butterfly Walk, Arlington’s Great Meadows

Sunday May 1: 11 am

This 183-acre wet meadow is the largest piece of undeveloped land in the Arlington/Lexington area. The meadow is home to host plants for many overwintering insect larvae/pupae. Target species: Henry’s and Brown Elfins. Co-sponsored by the Mass Butterfly Club. Park at the entrance to Lexington Meadows townhomes, end of Emerson Gardens Rd. (Use Emerson Gardens Rd. for overflow parking.) More than light rain cancels.

Leader: Tom Whelan: 781-915-9988,

Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard Pull at Lincoln Park

Sunday May 1: 2-4 pm

Garlic mustard seeds can take up to seven years to sprout, requiring repeated efforts to control and eradicate this aggressive invasive species. Come join CLC’s multi-year effort to pull this year’s progeny from along the pathways in Lincoln Park. Bring gardening gloves. Steady rain cancels. Meet at the Fitness Path entrance on Middleby Rd across from the entrance to Bridge School, where you may park.

Leader: Keith Ohmart: 781-862-6216,

Canada Warbler

Birding Lower Vine Brook

Saturday May 7: 8-10 am

Lower Vine Brook can be a fantastic area to see a nice selection of warblers, beautiful small tropical birds that migrate north at this time of year. They will eventually reach the forests of northern New England and Canada to breed, but if weather and foliage are right, you may see a dozen species here in a single morning. Dress for the weather (boots if it’s wet) and bring binoculars and a bird ID book, or app. Children with adults are welcome. No dogs please. Rain or lightning will cancel the event; if conditions are uncertain, please call the walk leader. Meet at the entrance to Lower Vine Brook conservation area opposite 93 Vine St.

Leader: Harry West: 617-461-9500,

Praire warbler at Landlocked Forest

Birding Paint Mine

Sunday May 8: 7-9 am

The Paint Mine conservation area between Grove St. and Turning Mill Rd. is comprised of nearly 50 acres and contains a variety of habitat types including forested land and boggy ponds, along with disturbed open land under power lines. This edge area can be a reliable stopping place for spring migrants, including the possibility of prairie warblers. Please join us in looking for warblers and other migrating and nesting birds. Dress for the weather and be prepared to walk along some moderately steep trails. Bring binoculars and a bird ID app if you have one. Heavy rain or lightning will cancel. Meet in the parking lot of Estabrook School, 117 Grove St.

Leader: Dianna Queheillalt,

Spring 2022 Lexpress Walk Series #1

Wednesday May 11: 9:30-12 noon

Learn how to use Lexpress to expand Lexington’s walking opportunities. This 3+ mile/2.5 hour walk will traverse parts of 4 Lexington Conservation areas including Turning Mill, Willards Woods, Chiesa Farm and Parker Meadow. We will board the 9:30 am Lexpress bus at the Depot in Lexington Center, and return to this location at the end of our walk. Steady rain cancels. Registration is required – Call Lexington Community Center, 781-698-4840.

Leader: Keith Ohmart: 781-862-6216,


Joyce Millers Meadow

Mindful Walk and Sit, Hayden Woods

Saturday May 14: 9-10:30 am

This walk combines a mindful meander with a meditative sit-spot in Hayden Woods. Hayden Woods are an interesting mix of dry and wet woodlands, including a vernal pool. A series of sensory activities along the way will cultivate a level of enhanced awareness and bring a sense of calm. The loop will end with a 10-to-15-minute silent seated meditation in the Valleyfield Play area. Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather along with sturdy footwear. Foam blocks will be provided for sitting. More than light rain will cancel. Limit 12; registration is required. Email walk leader to register and to confirm meeting spot.

Leader: Barbara Tarrh:


ACROSS Lexington Route N Walk

Sunday May 15: 2-4 pm

Explore Route N, the newest addition to the ACROSS Lexington Trail System.  This three plus mile route connects Chiesa Farm with Willards Woods and Turning Mill Pond. The walk will include easy unpaved trails as well as paved streets and sidewalks.  Some trails may be wet, so wear appropriate shoes. Heavy rain cancels.  Meet at the Diamond Middle School parking area off Hancock St.

Leader: Bob Hausslein: 781-862-9102,


Spring 2022 Lexpress Walk Series #2

Wednesday May 18: 9:30 - 11:30 am

This week’s 2.5 mile/2-hour walk will wend its way along the Arlington Reservoir, and through Arlington’s Great Meadows, and Tower Park before ending at the Community Center. Meet your guide, Keith Ohmart, at the Community Center in time to catch the 9:36 am C Lexpress bus, or board in the Center at 9:30 am or along the route. Steady rain cancels. Registration is required – Call Lexington Community Center, 781-698-4840.

Leader: Keith Ohmart: 781-862-6216,


Wild Edibles of Lexington’s Waysides

Monday May 16: 6-8 pm

CLC is pleased to have Russ Cohen return for another walk to teach us about wild edible plants! Lexington is home to over 70 species of edible wild plants, both native and non-native, including plants considered to be weedy or invasive. Some are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts. Join Russ Cohen, expert forager and author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten, on a two-hour ramble in and around Lincoln Park to learn about at least eighteen edible species. Russ will present information on identification tips, edible portion(s), season(s) of availability and preparation methods, as well as general guidelines for safe and environmentally-responsible foraging. Steady rain cancels. Meet at the Fitness Trail entrance at the crosswalk on Worthen Road across from the Lexington High playing fields.

Leader: Russ Cohen: 781-646-7489,



Peak Migration Birding at Dunback Meadow

Saturday May 21: 7-9 am

The Dunback Meadow property is Lexington’s largest town-owned piece of conservation land. With multiple habitat types, the trails provide the opportunity to look for a variety of migrants and breeding birds: warblers, flycatchers and many more. Meet at the Allen St. entrance opposite Pitcairn Place. Rain will cancel. Co-sponsored with the Menotomy Bird Club.

Leader: Bobbie Hodson :781-861-9421,

Shaker Glen dell

Natural History at Paint Mine

Sunday May 22: 1:30-3:00 pm

The Paint Mine Conservation area is comprised of nearly 50 acres and includes a natural ochre deposit that provided pigment for paint in the 19th century. Explore this and other historic remnants along trails that weave through open areas and woods, where there are interesting former muskrat ponds. Join us in a quest for the orchid-like fringed polygala and other spring wildflowers. Heavy rain or lightning will cancel the walk. Meet in the parking lot of Estabrook School, 117 Grove St.

Leader: Fran Ludwig: 781-861-7231,


Goats at Chiesa Farm

Goat Open House at Chiesa Farm

Note Event change to Rain date Sunday May 29: 12-2 pm

Come and join the local Lexington goats for their daily pasture walk through the fields and woodlands at Chiesa Farm. Each season the land provides them with diverse plant life. The goats are very specific as to what they need to eat depending on many factors. We will have 2 Lexington herds, totaling twelve female dairy goats. Learn how the goats in town are working to keep invasive plants in check. All adults and children are welcome. No dogs please. Park at Diamond Middle School using the Hathaway/Sedge Road entrance. Follow the signed trail entrance and meet us in the pasture. Note rain date.

Leaders: Laurene Beaudette ~

              Halé Schatz ~


ACROSS Lexington Route G Walk

Sunday June 5: 2-4 pm

Explore one of Lexington’s less frequented Conservation properties, Shaker Glen, along with a portion of the Lower Vine Brook Conservation property on this not quite 3 mile walk along ACROSS Lexington’s Route G. The walk will include easy unpaved trails with occasional short ups and downs, in addition to sidewalks. Appropriate footwear recommended. Heavy rain cancels. Meet in the rear parking lot of the Christ Revolution Church, 451 Lowell Street.

Leader: Bobak Moshiri –, ph. 508-414-6598



Whipple Hill Family Walk

Sunday June 12: 1:30-3:00 pm

Whipple Hill Conservation Area features Lexington’s highest point, topping out at 374 feet above Boston Harbor. Whipple Hill is also home to fascinating remnants of the last glacier to cover the area some 10,000 years ago. The walk up and down the trails will include stopping at a vernal pool and observing typical New England woodland plants, some in bloom. Possible bonus: You can see taller spots in central Massachusetts and even a few mountains in New Hampshire on a clear day! Heavy rain or lightning will cancel. Parking is available on Berkshire Drive, opposite the entrance to the property. If the number of people who sign up exceeds the maximum group size, we will schedule another walk. Each person needs a (free) ticket. Register at

Leader: Fran Ludwig